12 Most Lucrative Businesses to Start in Vermont in 2023

Are you considering starting a business in Vermont?

The Green Mountain State is known for its beautiful landscapes, friendly communities, and vibrant economy.

In recent years, Vermont has become a hub for entrepreneurs looking to start innovative and sustainable businesses.

If you’re wondering what type of business to start in Vermont, look no further.

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Among the breathtaking landscapes and thriving economy, Vermont is no stranger to innovation and entrepreneurship. As we explore the 12 most lucrative business opportunities in the state for 2023, it’s evident that some of the best businesses to start in vermont capitalize on unique local flavors, eco-friendly ventures, and the state’s unwavering support for sustainable living.

In this article, we’ll explore the 12 most lucrative businesses to start in Vermont in 2023.

From agriculture to technology, these businesses have the potential to thrive in Vermont’s unique market.

So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, read on to discover the top opportunities for starting a successful business in Vermont.

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The Growing Agriculture Industry

Vermont’s agriculture industry has been growing steadily over the years, making it a lucrative business to start in 2023. With the rise of ‘farm to table’ restaurants, there is an increased demand for locally sourced produce and meat. This trend has opened up opportunities for farmers to sell their products directly to these establishments, cutting out the middlemen and increasing their profits.

Another emerging sector in Vermont’s agriculture industry is hemp production and processing. The state has favorable laws that make it easy for farmers to grow and sell hemp, which is used in various products such as CBD oil, textiles, and paper. There is a high demand for hemp-based products in the market, and Vermont’s ideal climate conditions make it an attractive location for farmers looking to venture into this industry.

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Eco-Friendly Tourism

Let’s talk about sustainable tourism and green travel, two important topics when it comes to eco-friendly tourism.

What are the most lucrative businesses to start in Vermont in 2023 that would fall under these categories?

Sustainable Tourism

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it’s become increasingly clear that the tourism industry must play its part in reducing its environmental impact.

One way to achieve this is through eco-friendly tourism that prioritizes community involvement and local partnerships.

By working closely with local businesses and residents, sustainable tourism can help to create economic opportunities while preserving the natural beauty of Vermont.

Through initiatives like eco-tourism packages that promote responsible travel and educational programs that teach visitors about the importance of conservation, we can ensure that our state remains a beautiful and thriving place for generations to come.

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Green Travel

Now, let’s shift our focus to the subtopic of ‘Green Travel’ within the larger concept of eco-friendly tourism.

One essential aspect of sustainable travel is staying in eco-friendly accommodations that are designed to minimize their environmental impact. These accommodations could include hotels, lodges, or resorts that promote green practices such as energy and water conservation, recycling programs, and using organic and locally sourced products.

Additionally, sustainable outdoor recreation plays a crucial role in promoting eco-tourism by encouraging visitors to engage with nature in a responsible manner. By choosing activities like hiking, biking or kayaking that have minimal impact on the environment, tourists can enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty while minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions is a promising business opportunity in Vermont that can yield significant profits. With the growing demand for sustainable energy, there is an increasing need for companies that offer renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses.

The state government is also offering incentives for businesses that invest in renewable energy sources, making it a lucrative venture.

To succeed in this industry, building community partnerships with local businesses and organizations is crucial. These partnerships can help establish credibility and trust within the community, which can attract more customers.

Additionally, working with these partners can lead to collaborations that can result in innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

Investing in Renewable Energy Solutions not only provides a chance to make money but also contributes to creating a sustainable future for Vermont’s environment.

With government incentives and community partnerships, this business has immense potential for success and growth.

Innovative Healthcare Services

Are you tired of the traditional healthcare system that doesn’t seem to cater to your specific needs? Do you want a more personalized approach to wellness?

Look no further than innovative digital healthcare solutions and personalized wellness programs.

Digital healthcare solutions offer convenience and accessibility, allowing individuals to receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes. With telemedicine and virtual consultations, patients can connect with healthcare providers without having to physically go to a clinic or hospital. Plus, with electronic health records, medical information is easily accessible for both patients and providers.

But it’s not just about convenience – personalized wellness programs take into account an individual’s unique lifestyle, preferences, and health goals. From nutrition plans tailored to specific dietary restrictions to exercise programs designed for different fitness levels, these programs prioritize the individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

And with advancements in technology such as wearable devices and tracking apps, individuals can monitor their progress and adjust accordingly for optimal results.

With these innovative healthcare services, taking care of your health has never been easier or more customized.

Emerging Technology Startups

As healthcare services continue to innovate in Vermont, emerging technology startups are also making waves in the state’s business landscape. With the increasing demand for advanced solutions, businesses that offer artificial intelligence applications and blockchain-based platforms are poised to thrive in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence has already disrupted various industries, and it’s no different in Vermont. Businesses that specialize in AI-powered products such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and predictive analytics have a significant advantage. These solutions can help companies optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and reduce costs.

On the other hand, blockchain-based businesses are gaining traction due to their ability to provide secure and transparent transactions. From supply chain management to digital identity verification, blockchain is proving to be a disruptive force across various sectors. Entrepreneurs who can leverage this technology will likely enjoy success in Vermont’s business ecosystem.


Overall, Vermont is a state ripe with opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. From the growing agriculture industry to the emerging technology startups, there are numerous lucrative ventures to explore.

Additionally, eco-friendly tourism and renewable energy solutions are gaining traction as consumers become more conscious of their impact on the environment.

If you’re considering starting your own business in Vermont in 2023, take advantage of these trends and explore the possibilities within these industries.

With hard work and dedication, your business can thrive in this unique and dynamic state. So why not take the leap and start building your dream today? The opportunities are endless.

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