Best Virginia Registered Agent

Before you choose a Virginia registered agent, you should find out if the company you’re considering offers full-service registered agent services. This way, you can get a real physical address, accept important mail and legal documents during business hours, and have a way to access all your documents online. You’ll also be notified when you have to comply with certain regulations. In short, a registered agent’s services can help you grow your business.

Best Virginia Registered Agent

Ankney Law firm

The Ankney Law firm is an exceptional choice for registered agents in Virginia. The firm is owned by professional attorney Joel Ankney, who has over 30 years of legal experience and is the author of two business books. Ankney’s Law is not your typical registered agent, but specializes in real estate, contract law, and corporate law. Joel Ankney has been practicing law in Virginia for 29 years.

The registered agent service will receive correspondence addressed to your llc. They will scan and send them to you via email or upload them to their system. They are available to answer questions and respond to documents as needed. They are your business’s face in the state, and they can help you protect your identity while you are away. These services cost anywhere from $100 to $250 per year. If you’re wondering why Ankney Law firm is the best virginia registered agent, read on.

As a legal entity, a resident agent serves as the official representative of the company in the state of formation. The resident agent receives and processes important correspondence on behalf of the company. Failure to provide this representative could lead to serious penalties or even forced dissolution of the legal entity. If you’re unsure about the process of choosing the best virginia registered agent, contact Ankney Law firm today. We have been in business for decades, and are ready to help you form a successful company.

The main reason for choosing Ankney Law firm is their dedicated service. They’re local, focused on Virginia laws, and they have an in-house team of experts. Their customer service is top-notch, and you’ll always get live help if you need it. While nationwide companies are increasingly going online, most have their services handled by automated systems. A dedicated service can help you with the more complex issues.


Many companies claim to offer the best service in the business, but is this true? The best answer to that question is a combination of the best features, the best value, and an excellent BBB score. Despite having thousands of online customer reviews, only a few are negative, pointing to Incfile’s reliability and professionalism. The company boasts a long list of satisfied clients and a 200% increase in corporate growth over the past year.

The service offers an affordable price, high-quality customer support, and a simple, online filing system. It takes just ten minutes to complete the process, which is important for a new business owner. The best registered agent service in Virginia should offer a high level of customer service and support, along with a fast turnaround time. This way, you can focus on running your business, not on completing paperwork. And as an added bonus, they guarantee 100% accuracy.

As a company, Incfile is one of the most affordable options in the state. They have over 250,000 satisfied clients, making them a well-rounded service provider. While most companies post only their best reviews on their websites, Incfile boasts 21444 on ShopperApproved. More than 83% of the reviews are positive, with the majority of reviews being 4 or higher. Additionally, Incfile offers several different packages to suit the needs of its customers. While its starter package costs $0 plus state fees, it offers many valuable features for the price.

Incfile is the cheapest option in Virginia for llc formation, starting at $0 plus state fees. Other services include accepting mail and service of process on behalf of the business. They offer a Virginia business address. The first year’s service is free, and you will have to pay $119 for each subsequent year. Alternatively, you can look up your Virginia Registered Agent information on the state’s business database, or request it through the Corporation Commission.

Lingle Law

For those new to the business world, Lingle Law, the best virginia registered agent, may seem like an unlikely choice. They specialize in various legal areas, including business law, incorporation, and litigation. You can contact them online or via phone to discuss your legal needs. They are based in Fairfax, Virginia, and offer a variety of services to suit your needs. Lingle Law also serves over 400 entities registered in the state.

The registered agent is the main contact point for your business. Not only does a registered agent provide a physical address for your business, but they also receive legal mail and documents during regular business hours. They also scan all documents for easy online access, send compliance alerts, and stay up-to-date with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. You can even sign up for multiple states with the same registered agent if needed.

If you’re on a budget, Lingle Law, Best Virginia Registered Agent is another good option. They’re a little more expensive than the budget choice, but they provide excellent service all around. Their customer service team is made up of former attorneys, business owners, and entrepreneurs. They are patient and knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions you have about your business. They also provide a number of business services, including incorporation, llc formation, and corporate law.

A registered agent is essential for maintaining your business’s legal compliance. They receive legal documents for your business and remind you to file annual compliance reports. They also act as a liaison between your business and the Virginia Secretary of State. By keeping your personal information out of the hands of your employees, your registered agent ensures that your business will be legally compliant. If you choose a registered agent, you’ll have fewer problems.

Northwest Registered Agent

When setting up a business, it is essential to choose a registered agent in the state where you intend to operate. You should hire a registered agent who offers premium customer service and data security, so that you won’t have to worry about the status of your company’s paperwork. A registered agent is a person who is present when important company paperwork is delivered. You don’t want your documents sent to the wrong mailbox – you want them to be received at the front desk of your office.

The Northwest Registered Agent in Virginia charges $125 per year, and their service includes scanning of all documents received by your business. Northwest offers personalized customer support, as they assign a personal account representative to each client. In addition to offering personalized customer service, you can also save money by taking advantage of volume discounts. They offer discounts for businesses that use them in several states or who prepay for multiple years. You can choose from different packages depending on your needs.

There are many registered agent services available, so you’ll have a choice of which one is right for you. Northwest Registered Agent also offers a free year of registered agent service if you establish an LLC. The system for signing up is easy to navigate and users can easily manage their accounts. A registered agent can accept and serve legal documents at any time, and Northwest Registered Agent can help you meet compliance requirements. A registered agent can also help you comply with the State Corporation Commission requirements, which is vital for any business that wishes to maintain good standing.

When registering an LLC in Virginia, you should choose a registered agent from Northwest, the number one business in the state. While it is optional in Virginia to register an LLC, many entrepreneurs choose to use Northwest for this purpose. The benefits of a national registered agent are obvious: they can save you time and money on additional paperwork, and they allow you to focus on expanding your business instead of handling paperwork. These benefits make Northwest Registered Agent the best registered agent in Virginia for your business.


If you’re looking for a Virginia registered agent, you’ve probably already heard of ZenBusiness. This registered agent service has been providing business owners with great customer support and reliability for over five years. What’s more, it offers great value for small business owners. Founded by entrepreneurs, ZenBusiness offers three different subscription levels, including a low-cost starter plan for $39 a year. The starter plan includes a free operating agreement template and basic LLC filing, as well as online document access and 100% accuracy guarantees.

To become a registered agent in Virginia, you must be a resident of the state. You can also choose a corporation with offices in Virginia. However, you should have a physical address in Virginia, as legal papers must be delivered to this address. Using a P.O. box isn’t sufficient, and serving papers at your business could put your business in a bad light. For this reason, it is best to use a registered agent service.

Once you’ve established your business name and chosen a Virginia registered agent, you’re ready to begin filing articles of organization. You’ll need to submit a certificate of organization from the Virginia SCC, and a certified copy of your home state’s articles of organization. The articles of organization also need to be signed by the organizers of the business. If you choose to file articles of organization via mail, you’ll need to include a fee. Using a service like ZenBusiness allows you to avoid the hassles of preparing these documents and save money.

Better Legal is a good choice for Virginia registered agents. This company offers speedy turnaround, transparent pricing, and a user-friendly website. They have an online filing system that makes filing documents and applying for a business license easier than ever. Using a registered agent service makes the entire process a breeze and will allow you to focus on growing your company. This is a critical component of any new business and a registered agent that can handle this important part of your business life is essential for its success.

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