How to Do an LLC Name Search in New Jersey

A limited liability company, or llc, is a business entity with a particular name. These types of entities are often known by a variety of names, such as Assumed, Alternate, or DBA. The state of New Jersey provides many resources to business owners, including this free search tool. Listed below are some resources for doing an llc name search in New Jersey. Choosing the right name is essential to the success of your business.

New Jersey LLC Name Search

Limited liability company

Before you register a Limited Liability Company in New Jersey, you should conduct an llc name search. You should choose a unique name and check for availability in the state’s business database. If your preferred name is already in use, you can use a website by the New Jersey Department of Treasury to see if it is available for your company. Make sure that you have backup names that are equally unique and easy to select.

To conduct an entity name search, you must first visit the New Jersey Department of Business and Industry’s website. Once there, type the desired name into the search box. Then, click on the search button. A notice will be displayed displaying the name availability and a list of any conflicting names. The name available for registration is also listed at the bottom of the page. The name you chose is available. It is possible to obtain a business license in New Jersey by applying for a license.

Performing an llc name search is vital to registering your business in New Jersey. You must ensure that your chosen name is not infringing on any trademark rights. While the Division of Revenue does not check trademark compliance, it is your responsibility to make sure your company name doesn’t infringe upon any other company’s rights. Whether you want to register your LLC as a corporation, LLC, or any other type of business, you can search the name database to find the best name available.

When searching for an llc name, you must make sure that it is unique and distinguishable on state records. There are two main Business Name Search tools available in the state, one of which doesn’t include the “designator” in the name. The second option, called the Intelligent Search Tool, will automatically determine if the name is distinguishable. When selecting a name, you must also ensure that it doesn’t imply an association with a government or financial institution.

Once you find a suitable name for your LLC, you must reserve it by filling out a name reservation form. You should pay $50 for the name reservation. Remember that a business name reservation is valid for 120 days and can’t be reserved for longer. After that, you need to obtain your Certificate of Incorporation and Authority to Transact Business in New Jersey to register your new LLC. A name reservation form is necessary if you plan to use the name you’ve chosen.

Assumed name

You can use the New Jersey business database to find a company’s name. While a sole proprietorship doesn’t need a business ID number, a corporation needs one. After the search, you need to input the filing number or Business ID number to narrow your search results. If you don’t have this information, you can always use the free AI-powered llc name generator. However, be aware that an LLC name may infringe on a trademark owned by another business.

It is also important to search for business names that don’t match the actual legal name. Many entrepreneurs want to brand their businesses, and a “doing business as” name is helpful to them. You can use your actual business name and an assumed name if you choose. ABC Investments, LLC, is one such name. If you have any questions about this type of name, contact the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services for more information.

If you think a company has an unregistered name, you can use the New Jersey business name search. This service is part of the New Jersey Department of Treasury’s website. The database will list any business names that have been registered with the USPTO. It will be easy to check if any of the business names you’re considering are already trademarked. If the company is based in New Jersey, you should use its legal name.

If you are unsure of the availability of a specific name, you can always file a request for a name reservation. The filing fee for this search is $50 and is valid for five years. The New Jersey LLP assumed name search is an essential step in forming an LLC. If you don’t register your business name, you can risk being sued for it. You can also use your alternate name to conduct business with another company.

Alternate name

If you are looking to form an LLC in New Jersey, you will want to find out if a particular name is already in use. To perform an alternate name search, visit the New Jersey Division of Revenue, also known as the DOR. This department is part of the New Jersey Dept. of Treasury, and they provide resources and information to help business owners. If you’re looking for a particular name for your LLC, try searching for it by using the first two words.

Another way to check whether a particular name is available is to visit the Department of Enterprise Services (DRES) website, which is operated by the state. You can use this website to see if your desired name is already registered. Make sure that the name is not registered with another company, as trademarks can be very costly and hard to obtain for a new start-up. After checking the name’s availability, you can choose a name that will not be a hindrance to your business’s growth.

If you’re not sure whether a name is available, try searching the state’s Business Entity Records database. You can also search for a name on search engines. However, make sure the spelling is unique and doesn’t overlap with any other entity. A name that is already in use will be rejected. In such a case, you will have to pay a fee to correct it. If your company name is already in use, try searching for it by using an alternative name.

Aside from checking whether an existing trademark is available, you should also search for any other trademarks associated with the business name. Checking for trademarks in New Jersey will help you ensure that your name isn’t already being used. You can also check the federal trademark office to find out if a trademark is associated with your chosen business name. Once you’ve found the correct name, you can formalize your LLC in New Jersey.


A DBA for a new jersey llc provides an extra layer of privacy for businesses. DBAs enable businesses to operate under a fictitious name that protects the owners’ identity. In addition, under the state’s corporation statutes, every corporation is required to maintain a registered agent or office. If possible, consider using a third-party registered agent service company. The registered agent receives all documents on behalf of the business and mails them privately.

To avoid legal troubles, a DBA can protect your business from being confused with a trademark or trade name. While this is possible, it’s important to remember that a DBA does not give you exclusive rights to a business name. Other businesses may use the same name, and they can also form an LLC or corporation under the same name. Additionally, a DBA for new jersey llc does not require publication of the business’s name, and you should check that your business name is available for registration before filing.

The process for filing a DBA for a new jersey llc starts with a search for available names. Once you find a name that suits your business, you must file an application. There are strict rules about what you can use as a DBA, including the prohibition of using a name that advertises illegal activity or is a false claim in commerce. There are several ways to file a DBA for a New Jersey LLC.

The DBA registration process is typically much easier than filing a legal name change. However, it’s important to remember that while a DBA is protected in the state of registration, it isn’t always protected in other states. Similarly, certain states have laws prohibiting the use of similar DBAs. That’s why trademarking your DBA can give you stronger protection across state lines. You can find a service that provides this kind of protection for a reasonable price.

While DBAs are often the simplest way to incorporate a business in New Jersey, they are still not the most popular option. The state’s Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services may reject entity filings with a DBA. If you’re looking for a DBA for a New Jersey LLC, consider using LegalZoom, which has served millions of customers in this industry. A DBA will cost you about $119 and include a free trial of their Business Advisory Plan.

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