Which is the Best Kansas Registered Agent?

There are many kansas registered agents, but SunDoc is one of the best. SunDoc charges $159 for the basic service, which keeps your business in good standing with the Secretary of State and accepts service of process. It doesn’t offer any higher-end features, and its fee is low enough that you can easily replace it with another registered agent. Still, SunDoc is a good choice for small businesses, and it’s worth considering for your business needs.

Best Kansas Registered Agent

Harbor Compliance

When choosing a Kansas registered agent, consider the reputation of the service. If you’re looking for a reputable and affordable registered agent, look no further than Harbor Compliance. Not only do they provide reliable resident agent services, but they also keep you on the right side of the law in Kansas by ensuring that your legal obligations to the Secretary of State are being met. Harbor Compliance’s customer service is top-notch, and you’ll be able to get your questions answered via their website or through a phone call.

Whether you’re in the business of starting a business or registering a limited liability company, you’ll find it easy to choose the right service. Harbor Compliance offers registered agent services in all 50 states. Their service is reliable and secure, and they offer Entity Manager software to keep track of company registrations and maintain good standing. The company also offers volume discounts and pre-payment options. Harbor Compliance is the best registered agent in Kansas.

As a relatively newcomer to the registered agent market, Harbor Compliance serves more than 25,000 organizations. Since it opened in 2012, Harbor Compliance has grown by leaps and bounds, adding industry experts to their staff and expanding their service and software offerings. Their customer feedback on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau is positive, and they offer an extensive support system. As a bonus, their registered agent service also offers same-day electronic document delivery. And, you’ll be pleased to know that their registered agent services come with a low annual fee and an excellent reputation.

Customer support is another thing that sets Harbor Compliance apart from the competition. If you need assistance with a legal issue or have questions about a particular filing, a dedicated account manager and compliance specialist will answer all of your questions promptly. While the company is new, it already serves more than 10,000 business clients in the state, and its customer support is also outstanding. And if you’re new to business formation, or you’re looking for a registered agent in a different state, you’ll find that Harbor Compliance is the best choice.


If you’re in Kansas, you may be wondering whether LegalZoom is the best registered agent. You can choose between the two, depending on your budget. While many companies charge a monthly fee, LegalZoom charges $299 a year. This is a bit expensive, but you won’t be missing much by opting for this option. LegalZoom offers a full suite of legal services.

The service provides registration in all 50 states. The best part about it is that the service operates in Kansas as well. In case you move to another state and want to hire a registered agent, you just have to select one that covers the new state. If you are in Kansas and you don’t have a local office, you can always hire an attorney. Otherwise, you can look up your local business center or browse through the yellow pages to find a registered agent. However, you can always choose an agent based on their experience and customer service.

LegalZoom’s registered agent service can be used for the formation of an llc in Kansas. You can select between four national registered agent services. LegalZoom is the best kansas registered agent because it has a full suite of business documents. In addition to the online dashboard, you can also add additional states to your account. This allows you to conveniently access documents. Choosing the right registered agent for your business is crucial for legal compliance and company standing in Kansas. If you are not completely satisfied, change your agent. But it is a good idea to choose the right registered agent during the formation phase and then monitor your compliance status regularly.

The company also offers a variety of online business services. LegalZoom is the best kansas registered agent for small businesses. In addition to being an online business services provider, LegalZoom offers legal advice and other services. With the help of a registered agent, you can be confident in the legal status of your business. In Kansas, a registered agent must have a physical address in the state of business. You can designate a friend, family member, or an accountant as your agent, or choose a lawyer or accountant to handle all your business issues.


The choice of registered agent is an essential part of setting up and running a business, whether you’re setting up a corporation, llc, or other entity. Failure to hire a registered agent may have a negative effect on your legal status and lead to unnecessary expenses. To avoid such penalties, make sure your registered agent is physically located at a business location during normal business hours. Using a P.O. Box or mailbox service as your registered agent is a no-no.

When choosing a registered agent, choose one that specializes in incorporation in Kansas. There are several benefits to choosing a registered agent in Kansas. They will have experience in handling a variety of corporate matters, including incorporation and certification of incorporation documents. Many of them are also familiar with the ins and outs of the state’s business and tax laws. In addition to these benefits, many other factors should be considered when choosing a registered agent.

As part of the incorporation process, your resident agent must be physically located in Kansas. They should be able to receive business-related correspondence, be available during business hours, and be comfortable signing official documents. You can select a resident agent when you file the articles of organization with the Kansas Secretary of State. When choosing your resident agent, make sure you indicate where your registered office is located. By indicating where your office is located, you can ensure that your documents are properly filed with the Kansas SOS.

Incorporating a business in Kansas is a crucial step in launching a new company, but you’ll also need to choose a resident agent. This is the person or entity responsible for receiving and forwarding official documents on your behalf. It is also the person or business that receives and files tax notifications. The registered agent also receives service of process paperwork. This means that he or she is the official representative for your company.

Northwest Registered Agent

As a resident agent, a registered agent is an important part of your business. They handle the paperwork for you, protecting your privacy and ensuring that personal information is kept confidential. As your representative, your agent will accept all necessary documents on your behalf, acting as a point of contact with the Kansas Secretary of State. Northwest Registered Agents also keep you up to date on changes in state regulations. You can be confident that your business is in good hands.

In addition to being the registered agent for your business, you can also form a Kansas llc, corporation, or other business entity with a LegalZoom account. After your company is formed, you can use the same service to keep track of any deadlines. Your legalZoom account will be set up with a street address in Kansas, so your customers will be able to send you mail. They can even serve legal documents for you. A $1 million insurance policy is included with your account, so you can rest easy knowing that your business is well protected in case of a lawsuit.

Although there are disadvantages to using a commercial registered agent, the benefits of doing so are numerous. You can get a registered agent at competitive prices and have excellent customer support. The company requires you to only provide the information once, so you don’t have to fill in all the forms again. Additionally, you’ll save time because they automatically populate your information on all forms. Another advantage to using a registered agent in Kansas is that they will scan all your documents locally for you. In addition to providing legal document services, they also offer an additional discount for multiple states of operation.


Many people wonder whether Incfile is the best registered agent in Kansas. There are many reasons why this may be the case. Incfile offers a free business formation process. This means that you only have to pay the state filing fee. Additionally, Incfile’s customer service department is quick and responsive, and they strive to resolve customer issues. You can even contact them through the Registered Agent Dashboard, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

First and foremost, a resident agent is needed for your business in Kansas. This person is responsible for accepting any correspondence that requires signatures. They are also responsible for making sure that the paperwork is filed on time. This is important because each state has a specific deadline for filing paperwork. The best registered agent in Kansas is the one who lives in the state. Whether you need a registered agent in Kansas for a corporation or an LLC, Incfile has your back. For a minimal fee, you can use Incfile’s Kansas Resident Agent service to comply with these requirements.

Incfile is another great option for small business owners. Not only do they offer free business formation, but they also offer free registered agent services for a year. And since all their plans are affordable, this service is an excellent option for startups, small businesses, and midsized businesses. In addition to its low prices, Incfile offers a free one-year registration. That’s a great deal for those who are on a tight budget.

The best registered agent service for Kansas is one that combines convenience with low cost. This service offers a resident agent for one year for free and is very reliable. Plus, it also has the lowest rates online. It’s easy to start a business with an online service, like IncFile. The service offers free formation and basic service packages for zero dollars. Another great option is to opt for a resident agent service, which many Kansas businesses use.

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