Which is the Best Hawaii Registered Agent?

There are many registered agent services in Hawaii, but which is the best one? In this article, we compare four popular national and hawaii registered agent services. The three most expensive are LegalZoom, IncFile, and ZenBusiness. Rocket Lawyer is $150 less expensive than LegalZoom, but still expensive for Hawaii registered agent services. Also, the national registered agent Sundoc Filings offers a poor service and lacks compliance alerts. Other registered agent services in Hawaii provide more features for less.

Best Hawaii Registered Agent


If you’re looking for a registered agent in Hawaii, you’ve probably considered using LegalZoom. It offers an extensive range of services. Whether you’re a business owner or just want to get a company registered in Hawaii, LegalZoom can help. A registered agent is responsible for receiving official documents from the government, such as a business license. In some states, this role is performed by an owner, member, or service provider.

In Hawaii, all business entities must file an annual report with the state. This report is due on the date the articles of organization were filed. Each year, the state requires business owners to pay a filing fee of $15 to maintain their legal entity status. Hiring a registered agent to handle this task is an essential part of staying in business. But how do you find a reliable one? By following these steps, you’ll have the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business, and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

One of the biggest advantages of LegalZoom is its enormous website. Their reputation as a trusted name in the online legal industry is well-deserved, and they offer many perks, such as identity theft insurance. While you may not need a registered agent in Hawaii, you can get a lot of value for your money with other registered agent services in Hawaii. One of the major drawbacks of LegalZoom is its price. Other, less expensive, and more personal service, may be more appropriate for your needs.

Another benefit of LegalZoom is their ability to serve the needs of many different types of business owners. In Hawaii, you can choose a registered agent who specializes in business law, including corporations. This means that you can avoid the hassles of dealing with an inexperienced attorney. The website is user-friendly and can be completed in a single sitting. Afterward, you will receive a link to the saved answers.


Incfile offers a variety of services for its registered agent. You can order documents online, get notifications when your documents are received, and track your order. In addition, you can access your registered agent’s online dashboard to view and download any documents you may have missed. Plus, you can always get help from the registered agent through their support team. The customer service team is always available to answer any questions. Lastly, Incfile offers next-day processing of your documents.

When forming an llc or corporation, you will need to designate a registered agent. The registered agent must have a Hawaii physical address and be available during business hours. The registered agent will also be listed on the LLC’s articles of organization. However, a registered agent can also be a natural person or a company. If you are setting up a company in Hawaii, it’s best to choose a registered agent who lives there or has a Hawaii mailing address.

Incfile offers a variety of packages for business owners on a budget. It can even help you convert your existing company into an llc. You can choose from various price plans, ranging from free to $299 plus state fees. Their plans differ in terms of features and pricing, with the Silver plan being best for a beginner. You can also opt for the Gold plan if you require intermediate help with company management and finance.

Incfile hawaii registered agent services provide a complete range of registered agent services. Hawaii residents can choose from a free service or pay a nominal fee of $119. The fee for this service is only $119 per year after the first year of service. It is worth your while to check out the many different packages and features of Incfile Hawaii Registered Agent. There is no need to choose an expensive service when you can get a reliable registered agent for a reasonable price.


If you want to form an llc in Hawaii but don’t have the money to hire a registered agent, ZenBusiness is a good choice. This company offers excellent services at an affordable price, and its registered agent service comes free of charge with any hawaii llc formation package. ZenBusiness also offers both manager and member-managed LLCs, and free Hawaii LLC formation. ZenBusiness is a new registered agent in Hawaii and isn’t quite optimized for this service yet. Still, they offer the basics: an address for receiving mail, accepting service of process, scanning mail, and forwarding mail from Hawaii to any other state.

When forming an LLC in Hawaii, you’ll need a registered agent to act as the official contact for legal documents. Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs requires all professional corporations to have a registered agent. ZenBusiness’ registered agent services will assist you through the process and provide all of the documentation you need to get started. A registered agent is a vital component of a business in Hawaii, and it can help your business start on the right foot. It’s the person who handles all of the legal documents and is the business’s first point of contact.

LegalZoom is another affordable option for a registered agent in Hawaii. Their online portal is huge and is regarded as a leader in the legal industry. The company offers perks like identity theft insurance. But they aren’t cheap. Other registered agent services in Hawaii offer better rates and more individualized service. It’s important to consider your budget and the type of service you need. Not all registered agents in Hawaii are created equal, so you’ll want to compare the services before choosing a registered agent in Hawaii.

Northwest Registered Agent

You need a registered agent for your hawaii llc. Your company must have a registered agent in order to receive legal process and notices. Your registered agent must be a physical location in Hawaii, and it must be open during normal business hours. The agent will be listed on your LLC’s articles of organization. In addition, a registered agent is essential for protecting your personal assets and keeping your personal information out of public record.

Compared to other registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent in Hawaii is a bit more expensive. However, it provides more than just the services you need. For $125 per year, this registered agent service includes all documents received on your behalf, including your Hawaii filing fee. The customer support that you receive is also excellent. You can use their website to track your annual reports, and they also provide an internet portal so you can upload important documents.

A registered agent in Hawaii is a resident of Hawaii, or an organization registered in Hawaii. This person receives legal correspondence on behalf of your company, and is required by law to promptly forward it to your clients. In addition, your registered agent must maintain a physical office in Hawaii where it can receive and process important documents for your company. It is also required that the agent maintain a physical address in Hawaii, open during normal business hours. Registered agent service from Northwest includes benefits such as Privacy by Default (r), free mail forwarding, and local Corporate Guides.

While a Northwest Registered Agent does not have a dedicated sales team, their agents are highly knowledgeable in hawaii llc formation. Whether you need to register an LLC in Hawaii or need help navigating the complex laws of the state, the services of a registered agent can save you a lot of time and money. In Hawaii, starting an LLC is not difficult, but you can avoid mistakes by doing research before choosing a company to work with.

Sundoc Filings

When choosing a registered agent, you want to select a company that offers good customer service. SunDoc is a registered agent specializing in Georgia companies, and they have received numerous positive reviews from past customers. They are rated highly on TrustPilot and have a high Google customer feedback score. However, SunDoc is not the best choice for every business. If you’re looking for the most affordable registered agent, you may want to consider Harbor Compliance.

LegalZoom offers online legal services, and it’s massive website has an excellent reputation. It is a one-stop shop for all of your legal needs, and they offer perks like identity theft insurance. However, they are incredibly expensive compared to other services, and you can probably find better prices elsewhere. Sundoc Filings is a national registered agent that offers less service for the same price. In addition, you won’t receive compliance alerts and are forced to pay a flat fee for a service that has a lot to offer.

If you’re searching for a reliable registered agent in Hawaii, you’ve come to the right place. The best hawaii registered agent offers a Hawaii physical street address, a friendly customer service team, and a comprehensive list of legal documents. You’ll also get the benefits of a registered agent’s individualized calendar, compliance alerts, and customer service. Ultimately, it’s important to choose the right company for your unique business needs.

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